I am a passionate maths educator that wants to help students do the best that they can. I have a gorgeous 2 year old that keeps me on my toes, and a wonderful husband that keeps me grounded. Tally moore Maths Lover While completing my first degree in psychology and genetics at the University of Witwatersrand, I worked as a maths tutor for a Master Maths centre. It was there that I discovered a love for mathematics and a passion for showing students that maths could be done.  

I began working at Sharp in December 2011.

I also continued to tutor mathematics. Through Sharp we developed the website www.mathsatsharp.co.za . We created a series of free worksheets for students and teachers to use for according to the South African CAPS curriculum. This website is an extension of that. It has a more personal touch a slightly different approach to the content.   During my years at Sharp, I completed my second degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. It was here that I discovered a wide array of real world applications for mathematics that I wanted to share with students.   South Africa is in dire need of students that love maths and want to pursue mathematical careers. I want to be part of offering them some help in achieving those dreams.