extra maths in johannesburg south

Do you need extra maths lessons?

There are three main reasons to go to extra maths lessons:
  1. You are struggling with concepts in class, and don't understand the work. Nothing makes sense and you find maths frustrating and difficult.
  2. You are slowly falling behind and you are losing confidence in your ability to do maths.
  3. You want to achieve better results than the ones you are getting now.
Well, I can help you with all three of those. I only have one requirement - you actually want to do extra maths and you are willing to try. Motivation is key to getting better results. Asking questions, and practicing the homework exercises will help you get to where you need to go, but I can only guide you, I cannot make you do it. That is up to you.  

So, what are your options:

I offer individual extra maths 1 on 1 lessons, lessons with 2 students, and lessons with 3 students (whether these are siblings or friends, its always more fun to do maths together). Monthly rates vary based on the number of students who take part in the lesson and the level (ie, school level vs university). Lessons are available Monday to Thursday from 4 to 6 and are each 1 hour long. I offer maths for students from grade 4 - 12 for both maths and math literacy. I can assist with IEB maths and also with Advanced program maths. I can also assist with first year university statistics and mathematics. I can also assist with learners who have learning difficulties.  

About Tal

I have an honours degree in developmental psychology and a second degree in applied mathematics and statistics. While completing my first degree I worked at Master Maths Meyersdal and discovered a passion for mathematics and helping learners. I then taught at an LSEN school with learners who have learning difficulties. I have edited two maths textbooks (the Grade 8 and 9 Handbook and Study Guide for Mathematics by Kevin Smith) and have worked for Sharp as a calculator and educational specialist for the last 12 years. Part of this job has been to develop the maths at sharp website along with all of its content. I have an immense amount of patience and like to gently guide my students to their epiphanies. Its amazing to see their faces glow as they discover that they can do something they thought they couldn't.   So, what are you waiting for? Contact me (Tal) today to get started today 🙂